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The Breast Issue

The issue is back. Women are breastfeeding their children beyond the age of 2. What is happening to this World….

(I’m kidding, of course)

The fact is, we are here because women breastfed their children. Formula is a new (inferior) concept in the realm of human evolution. If we didn’t have breasts that produced milk, we wouldn’t have survived. 

Remember also that the human lifespan is 70-80 years. In the big picture, a young child is still in the baby stage. We aren’t cats. Humans grow slowly for a reason. If we were meant to grow up so quickly then we’d capable of moving out, getting a job, and achieving true independence at 4.

Go ahead and sexualize the breast. We see them everywhere. Pop ‘em out in a swimsuit issue and men gleefully gawk. Pop one out to nurture your child and everyone gasps in condemnation.  We’re such hypocrites. Truth is, breasts can be as multifunctional as any other part of our body….but remember that their primary function is for optimal human survival. They are mammary glands made to produce sublime human milk to feed human children. It is the perfect human food and it’s full of healthy stuff that even gummy bear vitamins can’t compete with. And that healthy stuff doesn’t go away when the child is old enough to ask for it.

"The information that 3 or 4 years of breastfeeding, or even longer, is both normal and appropriate for human infants, should be disseminated to health care professionals and parents alike. It is to be hoped that people will stop criticizing mothers and suggesting that they need to wean because the child is “too old.” Above all, it is hoped that people will stop questioning the motives of mothers who nurse their children for several years. It is to be hoped that mothers who follow their own instincts to meet their children’s needs – not only their physiological needs for nutrition and immunological protection, but their cognitive and emotional needs for warmth, touching, social contact, and interaction through breastfeeding as long as the child expresses those needs – will be encouraged and supported, both by health care professionals and by their family and friends." ~Dr. Katherine Dettwyler in  Breastfeeding: Biocultural Perspectives

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